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Fund Deposit & Withdrawal

Fund Deposit


Deposit requests may be made through the following methods:



Bank Transfer / Wiring
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited

Bank Account Name:  

Midas Securities Limited – Clients A/C

Bank Account Number:

072-864-502022722 (HKD)

072-864-560002988 (RMB) 

072-864-506008 (USD)



Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited

Bank Account Name: 

Midas Securities Limited – Clients Account

Bank Account Number:

382-546-100671702 (HKD)

382-546-100671701 (RMB) 

382-546-100671701 (USD)



Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

Bank Account Name: 

Midas Securities Limited – Clients' A/C

Bank Account Number:

012-699-0-008868-0 (HKD)





Faster Payment System (FPS)

FPS identifier No: 4878666

This FPS identifier no. for Hong Kong Dollars transfer Only.                                                                         




Personal Cheque
Personal cheque should be crossed and made payable to“Midas Securities Limited”. Funds may be used after the cheque has been cleared.



Steps for Deposit


1) Please keep the bank-in slip after money deposit / transfer.
2) Please send your bank-in slip with your name and trading account no. to one of the the followings.

E-mail: settlement@midas.com.hk


Fax:+852 2527 6965

Whatsapp:+852 5914 9680


Wechat ID: Midas_Settlement

3) Please call the Settlement Department at +852 2527 6844 to confirm your deposit notification on
or before 4 pm.


For assistance, please contact the Settlement Department at +852 2527 6844 during office hours.

RemarksPlease deposit/transfer the fund from the client’s own bank account. Third party payment is not accepted.

18 December 2018


Solemn Statement


Midas Securities Limited hereby declare that there is no related or connected with “港金源证券投资有限公司.  Please noted that Midas Securities Limited shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising in connection (including but not limited to investment advising, account opening or securities trading) with this company.









本公司特此聲明,本公司與香港金源证券投资有限公司沒有任何關係。若投資者因與此公司接觸 (包括但不限於接受投資建議、開立交易戶口、進行交易買賣) 而導致任何損失或損害,本公司一概不會承擔任何責任,敬請留意。