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Fee Schedule



Trading Charges交易收費

Brokerage - Phone Trading 佣金 - 電話交易

Max. 0.15% (Min. HK$68.00) 最高0.15% (最低 HK$68.00)

Brokerage - Internet Trading 佣金 - 網上交易

Max. 0.08% (No minimum charge) 最高0.08% (沒有最低收費)

Stamp Duty印花稅

0.1% (Rounded up to the nearest dollar) 0.1% (不足HK$1.00亦作HK$1.00計算)

Transaction Levy 交易徵費

0.0027% (Rounded up to the nearest cent) 0.0027% (不足HK$0.01亦作HK$0.01計算)

HKEX Trading Fee 香港交易及結算所交易費

0.005% (Rounded up to the nearest cent) 0.005% (不足HK$0.01亦作HK$0.01計算)

CCASS Fee (Clearing Fees & Trading Tariff) 中央結算收費 (結算股份交收費 & 交易所交易系統使用費)

0.005% (Min. HK$3.00) 0.005% (最低HK$3.00)


Nominees Service代理人服務

Stock Custody Fee 託管費

Free 免費

Scrip Fee 股票過戶費

HK$1.50/Lot 每手HK$1.50

Cash Bonus/Dividend/Cash Dividend Election in Shares 股息總額之現金花紅/股息/以股代息

0.5% of the total amount (Min. HK$20.00, Max. HK$300.00)  0.5% (最低HK$20.00 最高HK$300.00)

Stock Bonus/Stock Dividend 紅股/股票股息

HK$0.80/Lot (Min. HK$20.00, Max. HK$300.00)  每手HK$0.80 (最低HK$20.00 最高HK$300.00)

Rights Issue 供股

Free 免費

Rights Subscription /Warrants Exercise/CBBC Mandatory Call 認購供股/認股權證行使/牛熊證行使

HK$0.80/Lot + Handling Fee HK$100.00 每手HK$0.80 另加手續費HK$100.00

Excess Rights Application 額外供股認購


Cash Offer/Open Offer/Privatisation 現金收購/公開收購/私有化

HK$0.80/Lot (Min. HK$20.00) 每手HK$0.80 (最低HK$20.00)

Share Registration Change 股份轉名

HK$3.00/Lot (Min. HK$100.00) 每手HK$3.00 (最低HK$100.00)

Unclaimed Entitlement Handling 代追股息/紅股

HK$500/Case 每單HK$500.00


Stock Transfer股票提存

SI & ISI Deposit 經中央結算股票存入 (SI & ISI 存入)

Free 免費

SI & ISI Withdrawal 經中央結算股票提取 (SI & ISI 提取)

0.005% of each stock’s total amount (Min. HK$20.00, Max. HK$300.00)  每隻總值0.005% (HK$20.00, 最高HK$300.00)

Physical Scrip Withdrawal 實貨提取

HK$3.50/Lot + Handling Fee HK$50.00 每手HK$3.50 (另加手續費 HK$50.00)

Physical Scrip Deposit 實貨存入

HK$5.00/Certificate or Transfer Deed 每張股票或每張轉手紙 HK$5.00


Money Transfer款項提存

Money Deposit 存入款項

Only Bank Charges 按銀行實質收費

Money Withdrawal 提取款項

Only Bank Charges 按銀行實質收費

Bounced Cheque 退票

HK$150.00/Case 每次HK$150.00

Stop Payment 終止支票付款

HK$150.00/Case 每次HK$150.00



Trustee Balance 託管餘額


Custodian Account Balance Overdue 證券現金託管借方餘額

Prime rate + 6% 最優惠利率 + 6

Margin Debit Balance 保證金借款

Prime rate + 3% 最優惠利率 + 3

Margin Beyond the Discounted Value超越持倉股票按倉值之額外借貨或結欠

Prime rate +6.625% 最優惠利率 +6.625%



Electronic Statement (Default) 電子結單 (自動選項)

Free 免費

Physical Daily/Monthly Statement 列印日/月結單

HK$10.00/Statement 每份HK$10.00

Electronic Statement Resend 重發電子結單 (3個月以前)

HK$10.00/Statement (Over 3 months) 每份HK$10.00 (超過3 個月)

Account Confirmation 代辦帳戶確認書

HK$200.00/Case 每份HK$200.00




*  The above fees table is only for reference. There are certain charges for specific services that are not included here, please contact our office for further information.  Fees and commission are subject to revision without notice. The fees table is effective on 1 April 2020.